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TReCC offers consulting services and assistance in different fields about environment, engineering and architecture projects, specially oriented to urban contexts. Our clients are private companies and public institutions, who demand specific studies to develop their investments, plans and projects. Our experience includes the following services:
  • Project & Environment
    • Acustic, wind and sun studies
    • Atmosphere Quality assessment
    • Training and social communication about environment
    • Socio Environmental Studies
  • Architecture
    • Direction, supervision and project management
    • Development of drafts and projects
    • Training for architects in Project Management
    • Design and Management Comunication
  • Engineering
    • Development of drafts and projects
    • Supervision, Direction and Project Management
    • Assistance in sustainable architecture standards
    • Building adaptation to energy efficiency standards
    • Transport and Transit Studios
  • Urban Planning
    • Development of plans, programs and projects
    • Environmental and urban recovering
    • Socioeconomic assessment of BIRF and BID Program Assessment (ex-ante and ex-post)
    • Design and feseability of urban infraestructure
    • Design of tools' analysis for Urban and Environmental assessment
  • Environmental Impact
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Impact Studies
    • Urban Impact Studies
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Integrated Management of municipal solid waste
  • Tourism and Environment
    • Development and Analysis of Tourism Infraestructure
    • Implementation of Quality Standards Systems in Tourism
    • Program and Plans of Institutional Strengthening
  • Research and Development
    • Development of systems' control for productive and environmental follow
    • Research of environmental databases and indicators
    • Research of communitary communication programs
    • Software's development for specific purposes at the environment field
    • Customization of free software for specific purposes in the environment field