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FiatLux - v0.9

This project was originally developed by GNUdo (versions 0.1 to 0.8). This script for Blender allows to study and model buildings with lights and shadows, where orientation and altitude are in an actual correspondence with the position of the earth in relation with the sun.

Development of current version

The Versión 0.9 was developed by TReCC, improving the values used in Version 0.8 in order to optimize its use for environmental analysis.

Project Status

The script is just one python file available to be downloaded HERE. To get installed, copy the file to your "Blenders' scripts file" (Blender\.blender\scripts). This version was succesfully tested in Blender 2.49b.

Development 2011

TReCC have developed specific actions to improve the environment analysis of light and shadows in Architecture Projects and its urban contexts. See Sunprojection Innovations 2011