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TReCC's Icons Set for GvSIG

This independent project, coordinated by TReCC aligns with gvSIG communitu developement activities, is it's target to empower the tool: gvsig, the geographic information system developed by Generalitat Valenciana; the mean is a more friendly graphic interface

gvSIG 2.4 version

2.3 version for Iconos TReCC is under development, produced files are abiable for download at here.

gvSIG 1.x version

1.3.2 for Iconos TReCC is abiable for download at here, right with proyect files.

Project status

Versión 2.3 is almost complete and can be tested width significant impact on user expirience.

Future Innovations

It's expected to add this new versión to gvSIG v2.3 at it's main download.